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Maximize Your Potential

For over 25 years, A Better Body Training has been serving Chester and the surrounding areas' athletes, families, adults, seniors, youth and community. By focusing on personalized professional training we continue to demonstrate that an enjoyable training routine with proven results is possible.
We recognize that most people exercise because they feel they have to, not because they want to. Since a lack of motivation to workout is natural, the facility and trainer become all the more important in achieving a fitness goal. No matter your "fitness level" or "fitness needs," the fact remains the same: EVERYONE NEEDS TO EXERCISE. It is with this understanding that A Better Body Training facility was designed.


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Individual & Small Group Training

Tired of trying to fit your “likes" and time schedule into various group classes at the local gym?

Do you feel lost in the group mix?

Large group fitness classes make training more affordable but lack individualized attention.

One-size doesn't fit all!

A Better Body specializes in private customized programs for individuals and small groups (3-4) Each private by-appointment-only session is designed and monitored by a certified personal trainer. Every training session is customized to facilitate each client's preference, interests, skill levels, fitness goals and training environment.

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Our Facility

Located in a private setting overlooking a beautiful wooded landscape, the view is the first thing that easily distinguishes our training facility from the other brick and mortar gyms you've come to expect.  Coupling this with a private by-appointment-only environment, professional trainers, commercial equipment , two warm water pools and plenty of room makes all the difference when it comes to "getting to the gym.


Our facility is designed to personally meet the interests and needs of each individual and group.

Each session incorporates a variety of necessary and specific training modalities to assist every client towards safely achieving their fitness goals.



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Weight Trainer

Functional Training

  • Sports-Specific

  • Functional, Stability

  • Strength & Power

  • Core Training

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

  • Speed, Quickness & Agility

  • Flexibility Training

Group TRX

  • TRX training

  • Pilate Mat training

  • Senior Training

  • Youth Training

  • Family Training

  • Special Population Training

  • ADL Training


Fitness Training

  • Post-Rehabilitation

  • Pre- or Post-Surgery

  • Fall Prevention

  • Injury Prevention

  • Posture Improvement

  • Balance and Coordination
  • Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Owner & Trainer

Mykel McElwee

A Better Body Inc. was established in 1996 by certified-personal trainer Mykel McElwee. Mykel has been an ACE-certified trainer for over 25 years and holds a B.S. in Multi-disciplinary Studies from Liberty University. He is the owner of A Better Body Training Facility. Mykel has a natural ability to quickly understand and identify various strengths and weaknesses in individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including the concerns for a wide range of special populations.
In 2000, to better serve his clients, Mykel attached to his home in Chester an extensive commercially equipped personal training facility.
For over 25 years, A Better Body has assisted males and females from ages younger than 8 yrs. and older than 80 yrs. reach their various fitness goals. Some of his clients have become state champions, moving on to become successful college athletes, while a few have even become professional athletes.

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More About Us

Join a group today. Whatever your fitness level, we can build a customized group to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Stretching Exercises
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Contact Us

We realize that for many people, just walking in to a gym to "check it out" can be intimidating. You may worry about being pressured into "signing up." Not here. Just give us a call to schedule a visit.

36 Cooper Ln, Chester, NJ 07930, USA

(908) 879-4891

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This is a private training facility: In order to maintain privacy, consistency and professional consideration all training sessions are prebooked, by appointment only and a strict cancellation policy is enforced. This is necessary to establish a gym schedule and assures that each client's training time is always available. At A Better Body there is no such thing as an "open gym". Example: Tuesday @ 10am is your training slot and NO ONE else's (even if you are on vacation). If a client finds it necessary to cancel a training session it should be rescheduled within 1 week notice. We understand that there are special considerations and a client should  discuss them with the trainer. Group sessions (2-4 clients) are billed at a group rate and are subject to a non-cancellation policy. Group sessions run even if only 1 client is able to make the session. Group sessions can be rescheduled if all clients in the group agree. An extended hiatus is a special consideration and should be discussed with the trainer. The goal is not to penalize the client or the trainer for cancellations but rather to ensure consistency, reliability, privacy and exclusivity. Thank you.

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