Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Training

A Better Body Training specializes in private, customized, small group training (3-4) with your own certified personal trainer. Our private by appointment only training facility allows clients to make their own group or join others with similar interests, skill levels and fitness goals without the restrictions of a gym membership.

Tired of trying to fit your “likes" and time schedule into various group classes being offered at your local gym? Do you feel lost in the group mix? When it comes to group exercise one-size doesn't fit all. Large group fitness classes can make training more affordable but generally come with a cost. That cost is a lack of individualized attention.

Benefits Of Small Group Training

Our 20+ years of personal training experience has taught us that small group training provides many benefits.
They include: motivation, consistency, accountability, camaraderie and affordability. An added benefit to training in our private training facility is you control the training environment. How many times have you grinned and bared the music, television, conversations and gym attitudes that surrounded you as you worked to get your exercise done? Well, that doesn’t happen here. From the moment you enter our training facility until the moment you leave you control the environment that surrounds you.

Is Small Group Training Expensive?

Whether your healthy lifestyle is just getting started or you are an avid fitness enthusiast; our group training is designed to meet the interests and personality of you and your group. Call us today to schedule a visit. Groups start as low as $35 per person per session. Your exercising success can begin today!


Join a group today. Whatever your fitness level, we can build a customized group to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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